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slayerchoiceaim's Journal

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Slayer's Choice LIVE AIM RPG Awards 2006
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Welcome to another Buffy and Angel RPG Awards Community! But this community isn't like all the rest. Why you ask? The results will be announced LIVE in an AIM chatroom on a date still to be determined. The award graphics will still be posted in the community after the chatroom show is over.

This year's Slayer's Choice AIM Awards has been cancelled due to lack of interest. Thanks to the people who signed up.

Your Mods:
Lisa - padmexamidaia (AIM); doylescordy
Stephy - dark30sangel69 (AIM); adistantshadow
Nikki - magickly nikcool (AIM); nikcool

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Slayer's Choice Latest News Coverage: sc_news

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Wouldn't it totally rock if we were the ones who created Buffy and Angel? Well, unfortunately, we didn't, so we don't claim to. All credit goes to the brillant Joss Whedon.

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