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Slayer's Choice Awards 2005 (Part Two)

Dark30sAngel69: We will annouce the award for Best Faith
Dark30sAngel69: The nominees are...
Dark30sAngel69: faith_and_hope
Dark30sAngel69: _badass_slayer_
Dark30sAngel69: wickedslayer
Dark30sAngel69: prodigal_slayer
Dark30sAngel69: his_firecracker
Dark30sAngel69: faith_redeemed
Dark30sAngel69: roguenomore
Dark30sAngel69: And the winner for Best Faith is...-opens envelope and reads-

XMagic GoddessX: yay Jenna!
XMagic GoddessX: *accepts on Jenna's behalf*
XMagic GoddessX: I'm sure Jenna would be touched and honored but in her words she'd say award shows are a bunch of bs. *laughs*
Illyria639: *snort* My girl!
XMagic GoddessX: I knew you'd like that Ann
XMagic GoddessX: gotta keep it real yo. lol
Illyria639: Damn straight
XMagic GoddessX: *walks back to K with Jen's award

XCordyxChaseX: And now for Best Connor!
XCordyxChaseX: The nominees are...
XCordyxChaseX: x_connor_x
XCordyxChaseX: connor_eod
XCordyxChaseX: angelical_demon
XCordyxChaseX: impossible_son
XCordyxChaseX: And the winner for Best Connor is...-opens envelope and reads-

patronofblame: I know that he would love to be here. But he held out as long as he could. Gotta love the UK time. I know he will be both shocked and over joyed at the same time. And would totally make with the jokes. I will pass it along to him
patronofblame: Thanks to everyone who voted for him and all he roleplays with. Thank you

magickly nikcool: (is still wearing as she walks back on stage.) and now, our best harmony... the nominiess are...
magickly nikcool: harm_kendall
magickly nikcool: _harm_kendall_
magickly nikcool: and...harmony32
magickly nikcool: our winner is....
magickly nikcool: harm_kendall !!!

Willows Touch: *walks up and accepts for harm_kendall* She deserves the award and will be grateful
Willows Touch: *takes award and leaves stage*

Dark30sAngel69: Ok my dears now it is time to annouce the award for Best Lilah!
Dark30sAngel69: The nominees are...
Dark30sAngel69: toughgirl_lilah
Dark30sAngel69: da_lilah
Dark30sAngel69: lilahistillhere
Dark30sAngel69: morgan_lilah
Dark30sAngel69: And the winner for Best Lilah is... -opens envelope and reads-
Dark30sAngel69: DA_LILAH!
Dark30sAngel69: I don't know her but have seen her lilah before and its good. Im sure she is greatful for this and would like to thank everyone.
Dark30sAngel69: -leaves stage-

XCordyxChaseX: And now for BEST LINDSEY!
XCordyxChaseX: The nominees are...
XCordyxChaseX: hotlaw_lindsey
XCordyxChaseX: theurbancowboy
XCordyxChaseX: lawyer_lindsey
XCordyxChaseX: And the winner for Best Lindsey is... -opens envelope and reads-
XCordyxChaseX: - smiles and pauses -

hugs4aplesauc: YAY way to go *HOLDS SIGN UP THAT SAYS WOOT WOOT*
Dark30sAngel69: yay!!!! Runs up to stage....Wow Its funny because I never wanted to play lindsey until NORA made me. yea thats right she forced me to play lindsey for her and now i play him alot
Dark30sAngel69: -snuggles nora-
XCordyxChaseX: - hands steph award- congratulations! I luff you sis!
Dark30sAngel69: so thank you to everyone who voted which I still dont know about me playing lindsey but hey nora likes it so and i guess the people like it
Dark30sAngel69: -takes award- luff you too sis! -snuggles nora and thank you everyone

magickly nikcool: (is now wearing )And now, the award for best drusilla!
magickly nikcool: ripewicked_plum
magickly nikcool: _black_goddess_
magickly nikcool: and _princess_dru_
magickly nikcool: the winner is...
magickly nikcool: ripewicked_plum
magickly nikcool: !!

XMagic GoddessX: yay!!!
XMagic GoddessX: Cat is amazingly surprised and honored for this award. Thank you

Dark30sAngel69: which now i must go onto the next award
Dark30sAngel69: ok the award is for best villian
Dark30sAngel69: and teh The nominees are...
Dark30sAngel69: wolfxramxhart
Dark30sAngel69: _brad_
Dark30sAngel69: before__eve
Dark30sAngel69: lawful_eve
Dark30sAngel69: bitch_eve
Dark30sAngel69: And the winner for Best Villain is... -opens envelope and reads-
Dark30sAngel69: WOLFXRAMXHART!

patronofblame: -jumps up and down and is also accepting the award-
patronofblame: -walks up to the stage-
patronofblame: I know that Nikki will be very pleased with this award. She has worked really hard with this character considering she didn't really have much to go on with it. She totally made them into three amazing people that you just can't
patronofblame: wait to see what the trio is up to. I will gladly and proudly give her this with honor. And I know she thanks everyone and thanks all the little people.
patronofblame: Thank you to ALL who voted for her! And keep reading to see what they are up to next

XCordyxChaseX: Award for Best Other and/or "Minor" Character
XCordyxChaseX: The nominees are...
XCordyxChaseX: ( not all are exactly "minor" charries, lol )
XCordyxChaseX: fatale_femme (Darla)
XCordyxChaseX: whistler_eod (Whistler)
XCordyxChaseX: king_han (crossover character Hannibal King)
XCordyxChaseX: x__abby__x (crossover character Abby Whistler)
XCordyxChaseX: qwahazahn (Knox)
XCordyxChaseX: lornegreen (Lorne)
XCordyxChaseX: vi_potential_vi (Vi)
XCordyxChaseX: visionxofxdoyle (Doyle)
XCordyxChaseX: slayermommy (Joyce)
XCordyxChaseX: souled_darla (Darla)
XCordyxChaseX: __doyle (Doyle)
XCordyxChaseX: And the winner for Best Other Charrie is... -opens envelope and reads-

Loki Ragunaroku: *runs up to accept the award, still lagging like all hell*
Loki Ragunaroku: Okay. Shorter speech. Thanks to all that voted for me, and all that I rp with. And um, thanks for giving Knox a chance evil if he's a morally confused zealot. =D
Loki Ragunaroku: *heads off the stage*

magickly nikcool: (is wearing )Next is the award for Best Original character!!! Our nominees are..
magickly nikcool: nhamo_eod
magickly nikcool: wiccan_warlock
magickly nikcool: eep..wiccan_warlock (Nick Turner)
magickly nikcool: Jane Hart (jane hart)
magickly nikcool: ice__princess (Nikki Chase)
magickly nikcool: midnight_wiccan (nick chase)
magickly nikcool: and the winner is
magickly nikcool: ICE_PRINCESS (NIKKI CHASE)

patronofblame: -ish also accepting for this award-
patronofblame: She has had her character of Nikki Chase for a long run now. Always making with the laughs and much needed sarcasim. Couldn't ask for a better friend either. Again she would like to thank all the little people.
patronofblame: And agian I will hand her the award with honor. She really can take a character and mold it into her own. Thank you -walks off the stage-

XCordyxChaseX: And now for the thread awards and then our award for best game!

Dark30sAngel69: The nominees are...
somethingblue4x9: *sits on edge of seat*
Dark30sAngel69: "Noise on the Porch" from the community _evil_within
Dark30sAngel69: "The Phone Call"/"Loss of a Loved One" from where_it_hurts
Dark30sAngel69: "Angel Tells Wes About Cordy's Death" from where_it_hurts
Dark30sAngel69: "Wesley Mourns Cordelia" from where_it_hurts
Dark30sAngel69: "Willow (and Buffy and Oz) Deal With the Aftermath of Rape" from _lie_to_me_
Dark30sAngel69: "So Much To Prove" from nowishredoux
Dark30sAngel69: "No Words Imaginable To Describe The Pain" from piece_of_metal
Dark30sAngel69: "Spike Kills Tara" from __cake__
Dark30sAngel69: And the winner for Best Sad Thread is...-opens envelope and reads.-
Dark30sAngel69: "Angel Tells Wes About Cordy's Death" from where_it_hurts!

patronofblame: Well I just wanted to say on behalf on where_it_hurts this award not only goes to both FG and Han but also to Nikki and really everyone a part of the entire storyline. K take it away
Loki Ragunaroku: Okay, then. (This is odd.) FG and Hannah are both incredibly talented people, and I'm sure that they'd be honored to receive this. And I suppose they'd thank um, each other, and everyone involved in the storyline. *amateur at accept
Loki Ragunaroku: *ing things for others* Congrats to the two of 'em!

XCordyxChaseX: And now it's time for Funniest Thread!
Loki Ragunaroku: *sits back down*
XCordyxChaseX: And the nominees are...
XCordyxChaseX: "Jonathan and Andrew Need Another Person to Play Games With..." from buffysplit
XCordyxChaseX: "Sexual Orientation" from the_gift
XCordyxChaseX: "Aunt Cordy, Uncle Wes, and the Guy With the Girly Name Have Fun With the Kiddies.." from beyond_buffy
XCordyxChaseX: "Ram, Lilah, Knox, and Wolf Argue, Banter, and Annoy Each Other as Knox Shoots Lilah in the Head." from where_it_hurts
XCordyxChaseX: "Lorne and Groo Play Cards While Holtz Listens In" from carpe_tenebras
Willows Touch: [woohoo]
XCordyxChaseX: "Spike and Anya Getting Drunk! Spike Even Beats Up Wall!" from shes_forthright
XCordyxChaseX: "Cordy drags Wesley to the Mall and Gives Him Some Speeches on Fashion" from the_gift_
XCordyxChaseX: "Spike Meeting Frodo" from collided_worlds
XCordyxChaseX: "Team Angel (now at Wolfram and Hart) Celebrate the Return of Cordelia By Getting Drunk" from your_welcome
XCordyxChaseX: And the winner for Funniest Thread is...-opens envelope and reads-
XCordyxChaseX: "Lorne and Groo Play Cards While Holtz Listens In" from carpe_tenebras!

Willows Touch: *runs up to accept*
Willows Touch: Carley can't be here to accept since it is her Lorne and Groo, but I will on their behalf YAY team
Willows Touch: *grabs award and runs*
Willows Touch: *runs around the room shouting we won we won*
Willows Touch: *finally sits down*

magickly nikcool: (is wearing ) And now, the award for the best romance thread!
magickly nikcool: Our nominess are..
magickly nikcool: "Spike and Buffy Finally Hooking Up" from your_welcome
magickly nikcool: "Spike and Buffy Getting Together" from _hold_me
magickly nikcool: "Spike and Tara" from __cake__
magickly nikcool: "Spike and Dawn Hooking Up" from buffysgift
magickly nikcool: "Is My Heart Supposed to Be Beating This Fast?" from twisting_fate
magickly nikcool: "A Perfect Night" from witchy_watcher
magickly nikcool: "All Angel Needs is a Little Buffy TLC" from scoobies
magickly nikcool: and the winner is...
magickly nikcool: "All Angel Needs is a Little Buffy TLC" from scoobies

XMagic GoddessX: *goes to accept*
XMagic GoddessX: *smiles and takes the award* I know Gin is very proud as a player and a mod of Scoobies and I as Jr mod thank everyone who voted and congrads to Hannah and Gin's for the amazing thread
XMagic GoddessX: *blushes and goes back to seat*

Dark30sAngel69: Award for Best Action Thread
Dark30sAngel69: The nominees are...
Dark30sAngel69: "Buffy Wants Revenge on Angelus" from _lie_to_me_
Dark30sAngel69: "Wesley and Giles Argue" from _lie_to_me
Dark30sAngel69: "Evil Be Vanquished (Fight Scene)" from carpe_tenebras
friskywatcher27: HEY THATS ME
friskywatcher27: well not that one
Dark30sAngel69: "Sometimes we just...SNAP" from no_going_home
Dark30sAngel69: "Buffy and Spike Fight it Out" from wish_verse
Dark30sAngel69: "Wesley and Faith Train" from buffysgift
Dark30sAngel69: And the winner for Best Action Thread is... -opens envelope and reads-Dark30sAngel69: "Buffy Wants Revenge on Angelus" from _lie_to_me_!

Willows Touch: and I will accept for Alex who is our Buffy *walks up with Dawn
ScaperDawn: *ah hell, goes up on stage and accepts it* Thanks so much! You all rock! Everyone ROCKS! WOOT!
Willows Touch: I say Thanks for the award on behalf of Alex she kicks ass YAY
Willows Touch: *takes award and returns to seat*

(I lost some of the posting here, this is for best game winners)

XCordyxChaseX: A TIE!

xDawnieTheKeyx: YAY! *runs up on the stage* Dude! NGH is the shizzle. Before I joined it I was a fan, and I have to credit it to some of my bestest writing and meeting great people and the goodness and the fun and WOO!! *does victory dance*

patronofblame: okay well wow I am honoured. where_it_hurts is mine and Nikkis second pride and joy. We thank all the talented writers and player we have there. And its a whole lot of fun. Hopefully we are in for a few good years. Thanks to all

pryce wesley: -gives hugs all around-

XCordyxChaseX: See ya'll next year for Slayer's Choice Awards 2006!

Illyria639: Absolutely awesome experience. And good PR. lol

XCordyxChaseX: Goodnight!

TheDevilsOrpheus: we should all get drunk, or something equally as fun.
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