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Award Show Rules

*ALL guests and nominees. This info is very important, please make sure to read it if you're going to attend!*

The Slayer's Choice Awards - April 17, 2005 at 9PM Eastern, 8 Central, and 6 Pacific. A link to the chatroom will be sent out to guests on the night of the show.

Chatroom Rules

1. Be polite! Don't disrupt the show by carrying on a zillion coversations.

2. Nominees, be ready to accept your award when it's announced. We're not gonna sit there all night waiting around for people to respond. There's a ton of categories to cover, and we want to get through it as quickly and smoothly as possible. The schedule is listed below. Keep it in handy.

3. Be a good sport. If you don't win, don't get all whiny and upset about it. It's just for fun!

4. Nominees, if you will not be able to attend, send a message to the mods and/or appoint a friend to accept the award on your behalf, in case you win.

5. For threads and games, the mod of that game, or any of that game or thread's members may accept the award for everyone.

6. Any disruptions or rudeness will result in being booted out of the chatroom.

Order of Award Show and Presentations

- Red Carpet Entrances (an hour before the show)

- Opener featuring your hosts Steph, Lisa and Nikki!

(Yeah, this appears long, but it will go fast without disruptions)

Character Awards
- Best Buffy
- Best Willow
- Best Xander
- Best Giles
- Best Dawn
- Best Anya
- Best Tara
- Best Oz
- Best Spike
- Best Cordy
- Best Angel
- Best Fred
- Best Illyria
- Best Gunn
- Best Wesley

- 5 minute intermission/break -

- Best Faith
- Best Connor
- Best Harmony
- Best Lilah
- Best Lindsey
- Best Drusilla
- Best Villain
- Best Other/Minor Charrie
- Best Original Character

Thread Awards
- Saddest
- Funniest
- Romantic
- Action

- Final Award: Best Overall Game

- Hosts congratulate everyone and close the show.

- Post show interviews (optional, and for nominees and staff only).
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