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Slayer's Choice Awards 2006

Welcome new arrivals and returning guests!

Comment here with your AIM or AOL screen name if you'd be interested in attending the 2006 awards.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: The fate of this year's Slayer's Choice Awards is still being questioned, and whether we have it or cancel it depends on the amount of people who show interest. *
BTTF Doc and Marty

2006 News - Possible something for Halloween...? Ideas wanted!

The 2005 Slayer's Choice Awards was a huge success! However, in 2006, we want the show to be even bigger, better, more organized and more fun than before!

While I realize that 2006 is still far away, it doesn't hurt to put in some slight early planning, seeing as the last show took over a month to plan. I'm contemplating doing the 2006 show as early as January.

I've also considered doing something smaller-scale in addition, something seasonal for December, or Halloween-themed this October.

If you have any ideas whatsoever, please feel free to send them to us via comment or email.

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Ok so I finally finished all the awards. So I'm going to start posting them up but it being as late as it is and needing sleep for school I won't be able to get them all up right now. So here we go with the first round of them

Under the cute are the following awards!
Buffy- buffy_eod
Willow not_an_amazon
Xander puffy_xander
Giles giles_eod
Dawn anewdawn
Anya anya_jenkins
Tara magick_goddess/sexytarawitch
Oz ozdwolf
Spike got_the_spark/_fool_for_love

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And once again as Lisa has already said a HUGE thank you to everyone! This turned out better then expected!


Red Carpet Moments by Lisa

If you missed The Slayer's Choice Awards LIVE, here's your chace to read some of our red carpet moments (show moments will be posted later). Award banners will be posted shortly, but until then...

Here are some of the many highlights from the red carpet...

XCordyxChaseX: - My limo pulls up, and I step out, wearing a glamorous pink gown and a bright smile -

patronofblame: -a black limo pulls up and the door opens a guy gets out in a nice dressed casual but dressy jeans and black t with overcoat and gold belt buckle and a girl is followed out in a purple dress-

AngelusGurl17: -a soft cloud of smoke rolls in then materializes into my body wrapped in a lavender gown eyeing the guests- Look at all the wonderful meals...I mean people. :-)

somethingblue4x9: *my limo arrives and i step out wearing a simple yet elegant black dress. i smile broadly at the crowd and cameras as i walk down the red carpet*

Loki Ragunaroku: *due to several problems with the limo company, and well, procratination issues on the part of Kaela, a beat up car pulls up. We're talking held together-by-scotch tape beat up. No wonder she's camera shy.*

XMagic GoddessX: *comes out behind Kaela* I told you to let me rent the limo woman. *smiles and fixes her dress before waving*

pryce wesley: *there is the distant sound of a helicopter and then it is expertly piloted to the center of the street*
pryce wesley: *comes out, along with his date*

xDawnieTheKeyx: *rolls up in a brand spanking new Hummer limo...that will be being paid for for the rest of forever, hopes out in an awesome old school, rennaisance type dress...all alone*

watchercomfort: A limo arrives carrying a gorgeous gentleman in an armani tux in the back. He slowly climbs out and walks down the red carpet

Dark30sAngel69: -Gets out of the helicopter with Wes. Wearing a long flowing pink grown. waves at carmera before seeing nora and give her a hug. "yep here I am"

friskywatcher27: Arrives finally in a black limo he is wearing a fabulous looking tux ready to enjoy the show

magickly nikcool: (a long white stretch limo arrives and parks in fron of the red carpet. The driver gets out and opens the door for... Nikki, who is wearing this

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