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Voting is now open! Sorry for the delay. Voting will remain open until Sunday afternoon.

Rules for Voting
1. Vote once per category.
2. You can vote for a thread or game you're in.
3. You must be a member of this community to vote.
4. To vote, choose a number from each set of nominees, type it in, and click "submit".

Best Overall Game Nominees

1. _evil_within
2. where_it_hurts
3. _lie_to_me_
4. caritas
5. lifeinsunnydale
6. no_going_home
7. alteredrealityx
8. championsonward
9. inthenow
10. band_of_freaks

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Funniest Thread Nominees

1. Jonathan and Andrew need another person to play games with. Will it be Warren? at buffysplit
2. _buffy_bot_ and dawn_thekey in Sexual Orientation at the_gift_
3. _wes_pryce_, __visiongal, and mr_angel in Aunt Cordy, Uncle Wes, and the guy with the girly name have fun with the kiddies at beyond_buffy
4. Ram, Lilah, Knox, and Wolf argue, banter, and annoy each other as Knox shoots Lilah in the Head at where_it_hurts
5. Lorne and Groo play cards while Holtz listens in at carpe_tenebras
6. Spike and Anya getting drunk! Spike even beats up wall at shes_forthright
7. Cordy drags Wesley to the mall and gives him some speeches on fashion at the_gift_
8. Spike meeting Frodo at collided_worlds
9. Team Angel (now at Wolfram and Hart) Celebrate the return of Cordelia by getting drunk at your_welcome

Best Sad Scene Nominees

1. Noise on the Porch at _evil_within
2. mr_angel, savvy_slayer and dawn_thekey in The Phone Call (part one) and The Loss Of A Loved One....Cordy at where_it_hurts
3. _wes_pryce_ and mr_angel in Angel tells Wes about Cordy's death at where_it_hurts
4. Wesley mourns Cordelia at where_it_hurts
5. Willow (and Buffy and Oz) deal with the aftermath of rape at _lie_to_me_
6. So much to prove at nowishredoux
7. No Words Imaginable To Describe the Pain at piece_of_metal
8. Spike kills Tara at __cake__

Most Romantic Thread Nominees

1. Spike and Buffy finally hooking up at your_welcome
2. Spike and Buffy getting together at _hold_me
3. Spike and Tara (Continued) at __cake__
4. Spike and Dawn hooking up at buffysgift
5. "Is my heart supposed to be beating this fast?" at twisting_fate
6. A perfect night at witchy_watcher
7. superhero_grrl and mr_angel in All Angel needs is a little Buffy TLC at scoobies

Best Action Thread Nominees

1. Buffy wants revenge on Angelus at _lie_to_me_
2. Wesley and Giles Argue at _lie_to_me_
3. Evil Be Vanquished (fight scene) at carpe_tenebras
4. "Sometimes We Just...SNAP" at no_going_home
5. Buffy and Spike fight it out at wish_verse
6. Wesley and Faith train at buffysgift

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