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Final Polls - Voting for Best Villain and Other/Minor

Final set of polls. Yes, finally. Lol. Voting will continue the rest of this week and all of next week through the weekend.

Rules for voting:
1. Don't vote for yourself.
2. Vote only once per category.
3. We would prefer that you vote in every category, but it's not required.
4. No cheating. We're watching this closely, and you will get caught. Don't try.
5. We realize there's so many categories, so you'll be given a LOT of time to vote, a couple of weeks at LEAST. Results will be announced at the awards show, then posted at the community after.

*Note, we made a little mistake with some of the nominations, so we have added more nomineees to the Villain category. Sorry for the confusion.


1. wolfxramxhart - Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3, Sample 4
2. _brad_ - Sample
3. before__eve - Sample
4. lawful_eve - Sample
5. bitch_eve - Sample


1. Darla - fatale_femme - Sample
2. Whistler - whistler_eod - Sample
3. Hannibal King (not original, crossover) - king_han - Sample
4. Abigail *Abby* Whistler (not original, crossover) - x__abby__x - Sample
5. Knox - qwahazahn - Sample
6. Lorne - lornegreen - Sample
7. Vi - vi_potential_vi - Sample
8. Doyle - visionxofxdoyle - Sample
9. Joyce - slayermommy - Sample
10. Darla - souled_darla - Sample
11. Doyle - __doyle - Sample

(Lindsey, Lilah, Harmony, and Drusilla have moved to their own categories due to having three or more nominations per character.)

Vote for Best Villain

Vote for Best Other Character

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